Robert K. Watrous

landscape architecture

Milford, New Jersey


Robert utilizes lessons learned from nature to inspire his designs.

Wetumpka Falls, Watchung, NJ
The multiple cascades of the dam reflect those found just down stream at Wetumpka Falls.
Watchung Lake Dam, Watchung, NJ

He captures nature's playfulness through his open, whimsical approach to design that reflects fun and free spirit.

Koi at St. Louis Botanic Garden
A child's imagination is free to see a fish where adults see gravel in a planter.
Harding Township Residence interior bridge with a pebble fish outlined below

Nature's Cornucopia

Nature's Cornucopia

For the 2010 Mansion in May, a charity event to benefit the Morristown Memorial Hospital, Robert Watrous of Robert K. Watrous landscape architecture in Andover NJ (now in Milford, NJ) collaborated with Brian Shernce of BTS Landscaping in Flanders, NJ to create a temporary garden that features environmental and sustainability issues. Download Nature's Cornucopia for more information.

The Mansion in May is open to the public for the month of May. After that the garden is dismantled. For information on the Mansion in May event visit their web site: